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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

SEMINOLE, Okla. - Residents in the southern Plains still reeling from a deadly tornado outbreak that forecasters had warned about for days were bracing for even more storms.

The National Weather Service said a storm system that was expected to move into the Plains and parts of the Midwest on Wednesday could bring more thunderstorms, heavy rain and possibly even tornadoes to a region that saw deadly twisters two days earlier.

Scientists were able to predict almost to the hour when Monday's twisters might strike, thanks to technological advances, particularly the use of supercomputers that can crunch vast amounts of atmospheric data.

Wow after seeing all the events that are happening around the world, are we really living in our last years on this world.  The bible states that we will see more weather changes and more earthquakes, valcano eruptions, tornados, flooding and virus.  This is just some of the things to come to pass before the end of the world is near. 

I beleive we should all get right with the lord before he comes back to claim his elect people.

The flooding in Tennessee

The Valcano in Iceland

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